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How can I know if I qualify for a clinical study?

See if you meet the required criteria for any of our ongoing studies, or send us your application for use in futur studies.

What will my stay be like during the study?

Depending on the study, time spent at the clinic may vary from a few minutes to a few hours. None of our studies require more than a day!

Can participation in a clinical trial be hazardous to my health in the short or long term?

Almost all of our studies fall within the very last stages of development before marketing a drug. Therefore, they present little to no risk for your health.


Do clinical studies always involve financial compensation? How much money can compensations amount to?

Monetary compensation is given to cover travel and parking expenses of participants. That being said, rather than offer only large amounts of money, the Centre de recherche Saint-Louis offers a mixed formula that allows participants to also take full advantage of the medical clinic for checkups and other health problems.