Quality standards

The Centre de recherche Saint-louis ensures compliance with the highest industry standards. The impartial respect of governmental and private sector norms is a point of honor with their qualified personnel. The proper conduct of our clinical studies is ensured by the attention we pay to the observance of the principles set out by:

    • International Conference of Harmonization (ICH);
    • Good Clinical Practices (GCPs);
    • les comités d’éthique canadiens (IRB Services, Optimum);
    • les évaluations de la Direction générale des produits de santé et des aliments (DGPSA);
    • Santé Canada;
    • Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Therapeutic fields

The Centre de recherche Saint-Louis is proud to provide its clients and partners with a wealth of expertise in the field of clinical research. We have been working in close partnership with the largest pharmaceutical consortia for more than 15 years now, associations that share our great desire to improve health care in medical fields as complex as they are diverse. Our main services:

    • Cardiology: hypertension, heart failure, arrhythmia;
    • Respirology: asthma, COPD;
    • Immunology: vaccination (seasonal flu, avian influenza, etc.);
    • Rheumatology: arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout;
    • Gastroenterology: esophagitis, irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcer, constipation connected to opioids;
    • Endocrinology: diabetes, hypercholesterolemia;
    • Psychiatry: depression, mental disorders;
    • Infectiology: sinusitis, pneumonia;
    • Women’s health: menopause, gynaecology, contraception, vaginitis;
    • Men’s health: andrology, erectile dysfunction;
    • Musculoskeletal: osteoarthritis, arthritis.



    • Radiology
    • MRI
    • Laboratory (includes a refrigerating centrifuge)
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Spirometer
    • Intravenous equipment
    • Colposcopy equipment
    • Diathermic snare (LEEP)
    • Temperature-controlled refrigerators
    • Temperature-controlled freezers (includes -80 degrees Celsius)
    • Power generator for refrigerators and freezers
    • Emergency kit (includes cardiac defibrillator)
    • High speed internet
    • Offices for monitoring


Please note that for confidentiality reasons, we do not disclose any information on our partners or research protocols.